London England

Well, we left St.Petersburg and flew to London via Moscow on Aeroflot. It’s a Russian airline, it was alright, I’ve flown on better such as Air New Zealand or Lufthansa, and I’ve flown on worst such as Air India or Calm Air.  But never the less, we got to London in one piece.

We arrived in London right in time for the tube (subway) strike. When me and Lindsay went to India 2 years ago, we made a friend Sarah from our tour, she lives outside of London and came and spent about 48 hours with us. She was a lot of fun and helped us navigate the buses and trains as zone 1 of the tube was closed for a day…there was a lot of walking. Glad the weather was about +10c, nice change from the Russia -30c.

We went to Camden Market, popular with both the locals and tourists. It’s quite large, lots of different stalls and kinda funky. Definitely worth checking out. I really like the shopping in London, already a very expensive city to tour in, doesn’t help that the Canadian dollar is shit compared to the pound, but still managed to find a few good deals.

Amy Winehouse statue in the Camden Market, it’s her exact measurements, she was quite petite, I refused to stand next to it lol, but a very beautiful statue.

We had to make a stop at the famous Harrods Department Store! I’ve never seen anything like it. You can literally buy anything here, some areas of the store were so rich and fancy it felt like I was in a museum. Massive department store, I think it’s worth checking out, but careful, you could end up in there for hours, and it’s this whole building, so very easy to get lost!

Went to a restaurant across the street from Harrods and had a proper English tea. Always wanted to do an English afternoon tea, it was nice, I’d do it again in a heart beat!

And of course we had to also take in an English pub!

We took a River Thames cruise, gives great views of the city. We hummed and hawed about doing the London Eye, but it was closed for maintenance, so that solved that. Our friend told us you go around very slowly for an hour, she has done it once and wouldn’t do it again lol.

Of course we had to slip in Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Not much you can do with them other than just look at them.

The English don’t fool around with the English breakfast!

And they definitely don’t fuck around when it comes to airport or metro security.

I love on many crosswalks that it tells you which way to look before crossing, very helpful for us foreigners!

Wish I had more time in London. London is a great stop over point for a lot of international connecting flights. Canadians don’t need a visa, so consider stopping for a couple days if you are in transit. The last time we came through 2 years ago on our way to Delhi, we went to “the making of Harry Potter”. If you are a fan, I highly recommend it, but you need to buy your tickets in advance. So much to see and do here, and when the tube is running, very easy to use and London people are very nice and helpful.

But that time has come for these bitches to be travelling home. We made it back to Calgary, and now back to reality!

Thanks for following, no plans yet on my next adventure, but that mouse is always galloping around that wheel!

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