Bangkok Thailand!

Made it to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok on Sept 5. First impressions, very chilled out vibe and very busy at the same time. Lots of tourists around, but the Thai people don’t seemed phased by foreigners. It’s just everyday life here. Most people don’t speak English, but there are signs in English, as well as pictures you can point to when ordering food with both Thai and English descriptions, very helpful. Lots of enormous multi level malls, and various market places, so tons of shopping here. Every high end brand to low end brand is here. We’ve been getting around the city on the sky train, which is very easy to use, and quite cheap, anywhere from .81 cents to $1.54 Canadian per ride. Very high tech here as well. We’ve felt safe here too, lots of people always walking around, businesses are open quite late. Very much a happening city, I get why people love it here.


The food here is amazing and quite cheap. Lots of restaurants and tons of street food. We had a lot of street food just lined up outside our hostel. You could spend anywhere from about $1.00 – $6.00 Canadian for a meal. Lots of fresh fruit stands, meat on a stick, pad Thai, and soups and noodles. Even at the bus station a guy had a fruit stand, cut up some green and white fruit and gave it to me for like .50 cents, I think it was guava, but I’m not even sure. But it tasted good.

image image image image image image image image image image image image

One of the things we’ve enjoyed here is going to the movies. It’s just a different experience here. Nice theatres, the seating are these big comfy chairs, and if you want to upgrade, you can sit in a love seat at the back. We went to English movies with Thai sub titles, but there are some Thai movies with the English subtitles. You stand for the King’s anthem before the movie starts, and the movie previews pretty much give away the whole movie.

image  image

I’ve also encountered a few celebrities and politicians. They were all hanging out at this famous titty bar, I think it was called Madame Tussauds. Anyway they let me hang with them and take a few pics….

image  image

image  image

image  image

image  image


Anyway, we arrived in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, heading to an elephant sanctuary in the morning. Should be interesting!

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Thailand!

  1. Oh my, I miss that grilled squid. Yum!!!
    And riding the BTS.
    You must have been to the cinema at Siam Paragon. The VIP ticket I got for a show was really something.
    Did you window shop for Chanel, Rolex, and Lamborghini before catching the flick? haha


    1. We couldn’t believe all the massive multi level malls all blocks from eachother with every high end brand I can imagine. We looked, but didn’t have the balls to go in. We did love terminal 21, more my price range, that’s the theatre we went to.


      1. Crazy mall, that Terminal 21! I know the area well. I first stayed at my friend’s apartment down Soi 22, not far away. Asoke BTS was my starting point for many trips around BKK. A lot going on around there and along Sukhumvit.
        After the flick, did you go across the street and check out the infamous Soi Cowboy? haha


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