Palawan, Philippines part 1


So we made it to Palawan! This region is very much the touristy, beachy place of the Philippines. Palawan holds the title of the #1 Island in the world. I can definitely see why, It’s extremely beautiful here. We started off in Puerto Princesa, then headed to El Nido. We did a couple days of island hopping in El Nido. Basically, it’s island tours prepackaged, you go to 5 different islands on a boat, you can swim, snorkel, kayak in some parts, the crew cooks you lunch, it was so delicious. I missed today of island hopping in Puerto Princesa as I got tonsillitis and a chest infection. It has taken me down for a couple days, but nothing that some antibiotics, sleep and fluids can’t fix. Glad I came prepared for this! So today I’m just taking it easy. But here’s my pics up till now in Palawan.

El Nido

image  image image

Crocodile farm

image    image  image

Island hopping in El nido, I’m glad I invested in a GoPro camera!

imageimage  image  image  imageRacine copping a feel underwater!

image The lunch the crew prepared for us!

imageimageimageI always wanted to drink from a coconut, so I did!

imageimage imageimageSchool of fish

Hidden beach, we had to swim through this little opening…

To get to this!


Some kind of sea slug, he’s looking at us

Stray dogs are everywhere. These dogs swim island to island.

One island has an abandoned shrine. The story is that a German husband and Philippino wife live here. They ran the shrine and a hotel. One day 15 years ago they disappeared with no trace. There was no next of kin, so the property had remained vacant.

image  image  image imageimage
I  still continue on in Palawan till sept 04, then I switch gears and head to Bangkok on Sept 05.

9 thoughts on “Palawan, Philippines part 1

  1. Oh. Em. Gee! The water looks incredible! The croc on the other hand …gag. You girls are brave for holding those lil guys! Feel better Erin! I am looking forward to all the pics of your great adventure! Oh yeah, are you still wearing a toga for Karen’s bday?! Haha. Take care!

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