Luzon Philippines

Alright, so I made it to The Philippines safe and sound. Very hot and humid here! Usually in the high 30’s with 100% humidity. But I’m surprisingly managing fine with that. We toured the northern region called Luzon with my friends Karen and Jamie from Churchill and Karen’s family, who have been so welcoming and generous. If you look at the map, we started around Manila and went up the left side to Laoag area. Lots of English here, it’s way more westernized than I expected. It’s pretty chilled out here, other than Manila traffic being so heavy, the rest hasn’t been bad at all. But people haven’t really bugged me to sell stuff, no one really gives me a second look, completely different than my India experience for sure. Philippines was colonized by the Spanish, so you see that influence around, especially with the old Roman Catholic Churches and bell towers that date back to the 1500’s. The food has been very good as well, I’ll post on some of those gems later, and yes Sarah, I do intend to try the Balut! But here’s some pics of my trip so far, we went to some old churches, bell towers, a lighthouse, wind turbines, horse riding, however as soon as I got on that horse I jumped right off, wasn’t going to happen lol. I have a perfect pic of Karen to sum it up, but I said I wouldn’t post it. We also visited the top military school of the country where Karen’s cousin is a graduated Major, and went for a jeep ride over sand dunes.


Rain down pour on our way up north, it flooded the street in minutes!
ref=””> Rain down pour on our way up north, it flooded the street in minutes![/ca

Oldest bell tower in Asia”> Oldest bell tower in Asia[/captio


Now, just waiting to board my plane to Palawan, it’s another major island here, looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful and friendly country!

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